"Nothing was ever an issue"

Had a really good experience renting through Real Simple Property. Nothing was an issue , always accommodating and prompt to communicate, Something that cant always be said about agents when your a tenant unfortunately .

Always very personable and professional, made great use of technology which made the whole process really easy. The little things like moving checklist just made all the difference.

Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Felipe Leyton - Tenant


"Superb Property Manager"

Adriana is fantastic! Not only is Adriana a true Professional Property Manager with real knowledge and skills, but she is also a genuine and compassionate person. I am happy with how Adriana has effectively and efficiently managed my property. Compared to other property managers, I have dealt with in the past, there is no doubt Adriana stands way above any of them.

Albertus Mitchell - Landlord

"Awesome professionalism and superior knowledge"

We have used Adriana on occasions over the past 5 years. Have always found her property management and leasing knowledge to be superior and her responsiveness excellent. You can trust what she's says will get done.

Stevan Luboya - Colleague


"Adriana is a brilliant and very friendly property manager"

I have known Adriana for numerous years since she worked for a previous real estate agent. She was the best property manager there and when she left their service fell off a cliff. So pleased she reached out years later when she opened her business. I was very happy to jump onboard!

John Fildissis - Landlord